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Agents at American Airlines Commuter Go Union

| Dec 3, 2015 | Uncategorized

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Agents at American Airlines Commuter Go Union

Envoy Agents win CWA Union Election

We won! The results are in — by a vote of 1241 to 144, Envoy agents voted today for representation with CWA. Envoy agents have spoken loud and clear: “We’re excited and ready for the next chapter to begin – this is our opportunity to have our voice heard,” said MIA agent Ingrid Paredes, who worked hard to turn out the yes vote at her station and others.

Takisha Washington, from Dallas-Fort Worth, said, agents “need a union to create fairness, a safer work environment, job security and better wages.”

Christopher Rhodes of Little Rock, Ark., said, “This is going to really help people out. We will be able to bargain for things like days off and healthcare, and we will be able to bargain to improve our wages.”

“This means everything to me,” said Aushya Hoover of Rochester, New York. “We work right next to mainline airlines and they implement different rules for us. We’re treated unequally and unfairly. Now that we have a union, we can finally get some parity.”

“I think it’s great that Envoy agents have voted to be part of CWA,” said Chris Kress, an American Airlines passenger service agent at Dallas-Fort Worth. “We can’t let the company pit us against each other and against even lower paid contractors who are not employees. Now all agents at the New American Airlines — Legacy AA, Legacy USAirways, Piedmont and Envoy — are part of the CWA family. Like our red wrist bands say-we are stronger together. It takes all of us standing together to improve our wages and working conditions.”







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