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Man killed in car crash; police indicate his failure to yield

Many accidents that occur nationwide, including in Tennessee, present difficult questions about which driver was primarily at fault. That appears to be the kind of question that is being raised regarding a recent car crash in South Nashville that reportedly involved a speeding Lamborghini and a Nissan Altima that failed to yield the right of way. The accident occurred on Nolensville Pike where the red Lamborghini  was heading in a southerly direction just before the collision.

2 teens die in fiery car crash when 15-year-old loses control

Tennessee has a graduated license program that allows teenagers younger than 18 to gain driving experience under adult supervision. As experience is gained, a driver graduates to less restrictive driving until eventual full licensure. When a teenager applies for a learner's permit, his or her parent or guardian will be required to sign the Minor/Teenage Affidavit and Cancellation form. This will hold the signing parent or guardian financially responsible for the actions of the teenage driver in the event of a car crash.

Bill tries to stop personal injury caused by bus drivers

Tennessee law prohibits bus drivers from using a mobile phone while the bus is in motion and while transporting children unless there is an emergency need to use the phone. The current law is a Class C misdemeanor with a $50 fine. That was criticized as totally insufficient in 2014 when a school bus in Knox County crashed and ended the lives of two children and a teacher's assistant while also causing personal injury to other occupants.

Car crash sends 2 women to the hospital after car crosses median

The task of driving defensively is underplayed in Tennessee and throughout the country; however, significant numbers of lives might be saved each year if a bit more promotion would be devoted to that safety subject. It is crucial for a driver to anticipate bad things happening on the highway and to remain ever-vigilant in preparation to make a sudden necessary move away from an accident. Vigilance by a driver means looking out for the negligence of the other driver and taking defensive moves to save oneself and one's passengers from an impending car crash.

1 woman dies after fatal rear-end car crash on I-24

A rear-end collision is generally caused by the negligence of the driver who hits the other vehicle in the rear. The rules of the road in Tennessee and other states, whose violation usually indicates negligence, require that a driver be on the lookout for slowing and stopped traffic ahead. In order to avoid a car crash, the operator is generally supposed to stay an "assured clear distance" behind any vehicles ahead so that the driver will be able to bring the vehicle to a safe stop.

Widow in Tennessee says car crash should prompt road upgrades

Suffering the unexpected deaths of family members can cause long-lasting grief and devastation. A recent Tennessee car crash occurred on a section of road that some people consider dangerous. A woman whose husband and son were involved says it is time for officials to make changes in the road so that the safety of those using the roadway will be better protected.

Driver, 2 passengers dead in crossover car crash on I-65

Crossover accidents are often the most gruesome to investigate, both in Tennessee and nationwide. When motor vehicles cross over the median and go into oncoming traffic on a busy interstate, horrific crashes are often the outcome. That can be said for the Feb. 23 early morning car crash on Interstate 65 in Sumner County. A car crossed the median and crashed into an oncoming car head-on.     

Car accidents dramatically increase during bad winter weather

Even before the recent monster storm "Jonas" piled its winter precipitation on the hapless citizens of Tennessee and a dozen other states, people here were fighting the slick roads for several days. As early as Jan. 19 and 20, snow-covered conditions were being reported throughout the state. Car accidents related to the weather were higher than normal and a serious problem in many counties in the state.

More compensation intended for injuries from uninsured motorist

Tennessee is one of the states with the highest numbers of uninsured drivers, with 660,000 of them. The penalties here for driving without insurance have been relatively easy-going. However, recent laws in the state point to a change in policy. There appears to be a growing crackdown on motorists caught driving without insurance. One of the main reasons for the change is to alleviate the hardship that occurs when an uninsured, at-fault driver causes serious injury and leaves the victims without compensation.

1 twin boy dies, other is critically injured in fierce car crash

Another Tennessee family has been devastated by the callous disregard of motorists who are too much in a hurry to look where they are going. It happened on Dec. 31 to a husband, his wife and their 7-year-old twin boys. They were stopped properly at a red light on Dinah Shore Boulevard when they were rear-ended by a car reportedly going at a high rate of speed. The impact of the car crash sent the family of four and their crushed minivan into the front of a truck also stopped for a red light.

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