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Train accidents at railroad crossings killed 200 last year

Most people don't anticipate being involved in an accident with a train. While the percentage of persons in Tennessee and nationally who do encounter train accidents may be small, over 200 people were killed nationwide at railroad crossings last year. Of course, hundreds of passengers on trains also die or suffer serious injury from train accidents nationwide each year.

Train derails, serious injuries feared from dangerous material

The general rule is that a defendant will be absolutely liable for damages and injuries caused when conducting a hazardous activity or handling hazardous chemicals. That could be the standard used against CSX railroad company. On July 3, thousands of people were evacuated from their Tennessee homes in Maryville, and dozens reported respiratory injuries when a train car carrying a hazardous material derailed and released at least some of its contents into the air. At least 87 persons were treated at the Blount Memorial Hospital, and 36 were admitted with possible serious injuries.

Tennessee boating accident could lead to wrongful death claim

When Tennessee residents hear of personal injury accidents, it is usually motor vehicle accidents. However, with summer well underway here in Tennessee, boating accidents may take the forefront of the news. In some of these cases, just like with car accidents, accidents out on the water can result in wrongful death. 

Railroad accidents

If you are a railroad worker in Tennessee, you are likely aware of the hazards inherent in your job. You may have heard about, or even witnessed, people suffering broken bones, crush injuries, deep cuts or other serious harms on the job. What you may not know is how to go about seeking the compensation you deserve, or the amount to which you may be entitled, if you are ever injured at work.

Fatal train accident in Tennessee highlights crossing safety

Crossing train tracks is almost always a dangerous proposition. Some crossings are known as more dangerous than others are. That seems to be the case with the Mountain View Drive crossing in Tennessee. That crossing was recently the scene of a fatal train accident when a train slammed into a car as it was crossing the tracks.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed in train accident death

By now, almost everyone in the country has heard about the tragic accident that claimed the life of a woman who was working on the movie "Midnight Rider." Tennessee residents might like to know about the newest turn in this tragic tale.

After fatal railroad accident, Allman biopic filming suspended

Many Shelby residents know that while making a Hollywood film may seem glamorous, it is also hard work. But few may realize that it can also be dangerous. If mistakes are made in obtaining the necessary filming permits and clearances, a film crew can find themselves in an extremely risky situation.

Train derailment in Carroll County shakes up neighbors

It is easy to imagine the destruction a train accident can cause. Trains are huge machines that can reach high speeds. If one derails or crashes into another vehicle, the damage can be immense. This possibility was on the minds of many Carroll County residents recently after a frightening train crash.

New oil-related train accident proves safety must be addressed

Many people in Tennessee might never put a lot of thought in to the state of North Dakota. The northern state, however, is part of the heartland of this country, and it is currently an economic gem among the states. Why? Because of oil, of course.

Weekend train accident kills 4, injures at least one worker

Depending on where they live, many people have and utilize the option of traveling via train. For example, thousands of commuters in New York use the train to get to work on a regular basis. For others, the train is their work, and a dangerous place of work it can be.

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