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Boating accident may give rise to personal injury claim

Tennessee is a state that is rich in having a large number of rivers, lakes and waterways. Boating accidents in the state are consequently a regular occurrence. When a boating accident occurs due to the negligent operation of the boat or another boat involved in a boating accident, a personal injury claim may be made against the negligent party.

Boating accidents: Man surrenders over Eagle Creek June accident

While the rivers in Tennessee are sources of fun and water sports, they have also been the scenes of many accidents. Boating accidents have led to life-changing injuries and even deaths in the past. A man from Crockett County recently surrendered to police with regards to an accident on a lake in Eagle Creek.

Safety equipment is critical in reacting to boating accidents

Tennessee has many lakes, streams and rivers that play host to a large population of boating enthusiasts. Unfortunately, boating accidents account for many injuries and deaths each year. In many instances, where a person is killed or injured by negligent boating operations, a monetary recovery for the victim or for a deceased victim's family may be possible. The interplay of federal and state laws makes it necessary, however, that a claim be handled by an attorney with experience in such claims.

Some boating accidents may be prevented by mandatory inspections

Automobiles must pass through periodic inspections to assure their basic functional safety. Trucks, trains and planes must be certified as fit through similar checkups. Recreational boats, which are proportionally involved in just as many reported accidents as those other vehicles, are surprisingly not generally subject to mandatory inspections. Because boating accidents and associated personal injuries occur with frequency in Tennessee and surrounding states, the lack of regularly mandated safety inspections represents an important gap in accident prevention regulations that are generally provided by state and federal agencies.

Boating accidents a significant source of fatalities statewide

Tennessee has had 16 fatalities so far this year in boating accidents. That is why boaters on the Tennessee River are being stopped and checked by sheriff's deputies and state wildlife officers. The state is committed to keeping down the number of boating accidents by enforcing the various well-known safety procedures and regulations that are critical to safety.

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