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Negligent driving leaves 2 dead in fatal tractor-trailer crash

Whether in Tennessee or any other state, tragic results are virtually guaranteed when a pickup truck crashes into a tractor trailer head-on in a vehicle accident on a state highway. It happened recently on Highway 54 near Brownsville when a pickup that was traveling eastbound crossed the center line and crashed into a tractor trailer heading westbound. The pickup driver, a 60-year-old female whose apparent negligent driving remains unexplained at this time, died in the crash.

Negligent driving by a truck driver also binds driver's employer

In Tennessee and all other states, whenever a vehicle rear ends another vehicle, it is usually determined to be negligent driving. Even when the first vehicle slows down or comes to a sudden stop due to traffic ahead, the driver of the second vehicle is considered to be engaged in negligent driving. The driver is considered negligent for not keeping a proper distance under the circumstances and for not keeping a proper lookout ahead.

2 killed, 1 injured in Tennessee tractor-trailer crash

According to authorities, two people were killed and one was injured in a collision involving two tractor-trailers on Dec. 2 in Nashville on Interstate 24. The collision occurred just after 5 a.m. when one of the tractor-trailers that was heading eastbound crossed over the grass median, slamming into a FedEx truck. The crash caused both vehicles to burst into flames, killing both drivers on westbound Interstate 24 just north of downtown Nashville.

Pumpkin truck crashes into Tennessee home, kills 1

A Donelson woman was killed and her family's house totaled when a tractor-trailer loaded with pumpkins ran off the road, through several yards and into the residence, killing the sleeping woman. The other occupants of the home were reportedly uninjured in the Oct. 8 crash.

4 students dead in accident involving college softball team's bus

Tennessee residents may have heard that on Sep. 26, an accident on Interstate 35 in Oklahoma resulted in the deaths of four college students and several others injured. The wreck occurred when a trucker working for Quickway Transportation, a Tennessee trucking company, crossed over into oncoming traffic lanes. The semi then crashed into the side of a North Central Texas College's softball team bus. Three of the student athletes were pronounced dead at the scene, and another was transported to a nearby hospital where she died from her injuries. Multiple helicopters and 11 ambulances responded to the crash.

Mother of truck accident victim fights for stricter punishment

When discussing or reading about certain laws, it can be easy for outsiders to see the matters as somewhat cold and impersonal. Statute "XYZ," for example, might read like a technical manual, but when applied to real life holds the future of people's lives and peace of mind in its hands.

Recent hit movie inspires maritime questions among the public

Though the holiday season wasn't short of its own blockbuster movies in the theaters, a movie was released in theaters earlier this year that has kept viewers talking. "Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks in the title role, depicted the dramatic, true hijacking of a commercial vessel by Somali pirates.

Federal response to commercial driving industry underlines risk

These days, a picture of an overturned commercial vehicle such as a truck or bus might seem like everyday footage. But auto accidents involving commercial vehicles are serious and should never be accepted as everyday occurrences. People get seriously hurt and even killed when negligent driving and large vehicles mix.

Fatal boat accident leads to negligence case against several

Though the boating accident we are to discuss in this post took place out-of-state, it is still worthwhile to cover due to its layers of complexity regarding who could possibly be held accountable following a boat accident. A father who lost his child to an incident this summer is suing various parties for what he claims was negligence after a July Fourth celebration.

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