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Tennessee crash sends 2 TDOT workers to hospital

A 63-year-old tractor-trailer driver reportedly struck a Tennessee Department of Transportation utility truck on Interstate 24 around 1:45 p.m. on Sept. 4. The accident occurred in Manchester when two TDOT employees decided to turn on a flashing sign instructing other drivers to move over because of an accident further down the interstate. However, the driver of the tractor-trailer failed to move over and consequently slammed into the back of the TDOT truck, pushing it into a rock wall before it jack-knifed and hit the wall itself.

Tracy Morgan files lawsuit against Wal-Mart for truck accident

By now, most of our readers in Tennessee have heard about the crash along the east coast that injured comedian Tracy Morgan and killed another comedian. There is a new development in that story. Tracy Morgan has opted to file a lawsuit against Wal-Mart Stores in connection with the accident that left him critically injured.

Truck accident in Tennessee injures trooper and tow truck driver

Paying attention to what is going on around you is a very important part of driving. If you don't watch what you are doing, you can cause a serious accident that can hurt other people who are on the roadway. A recent truck accident in Tennessee shows how important it is to always be mindful while you drive.

Police effort seeks to eliminate fatal car and truck accidents

The Homeland Security Commissioner has teamed up with the Tennessee Department of Safety and other law enforcement organizations in an effort to reduce roadway fatalities. The goal is to reduce car and truck accident fatalities by a factor of 15 percent during the coming year.

Proposed device could prevent truck accidents

While it can take months or even years for a new commercial vehicle regulation to become final, supporters of an electronic device that monitors driver hours in semis and buses hope it won't take long. The proposed regulation would require commercial vehicle operators, including those from Tennessee, who drive across state lines to have this electronic device keep track of the number of hours the truck, bus or other vehicle is moving.

Mother of truck accident victim fights for stricter punishment

When discussing or reading about certain laws, it can be easy for outsiders to see the matters as somewhat cold and impersonal. Statute "XYZ," for example, might read like a technical manual, but when applied to real life holds the future of people's lives and peace of mind in its hands.

Federal response to commercial driving industry underlines risk

These days, a picture of an overturned commercial vehicle such as a truck or bus might seem like everyday footage. But auto accidents involving commercial vehicles are serious and should never be accepted as everyday occurrences. People get seriously hurt and even killed when negligent driving and large vehicles mix.

NFL player's father dies in traffic accident

Behind the big shoulder pads, victories and tackles of the professional football players in the NFL are real stories. They have real families, homes. Some have real tragedy in their lives. This week, Vikings running back Matt Asiata lost his father in a fatal motor vehicle accident.

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