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Fatal car crash on I-40 kills marine, may spawn death claim

It is dangerous to get out of one's car at night on a busy Interstate highway. That may be doubly true when one has an accident on the highway and gets out of the car to inquire if the other driver is okay. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, such an event occurred on Oct. 10 at about 12:30 a.m. when an 18-year-old Marine was involved in a minor car crash on Interstate 40.

New safety features will aid drivers in truck or car accidents

New technology has been put to use to increase safety for citizens who face emergency situations created by highway accidents. The features are available through the online driver services provided by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security. In the event of truck or car accidents, for example, emergency contact information will be made available to law enforcement officers if the license holder is unable to communicate with first responders.

Chain reaction car crash on I-75 results in at least 5 injuries

Massive chain reaction accidents are not unheard of in Tennessee and nationwide. In some cases, an initial rear-end collision can bring about a long chain of additional crashes. Furthermore, when a car crash occurs on a highway, motorists do not always use the kind of due care that is required. They may miss the occurrence and plow directly into it before they have perceived what has happened.

Jogger, victim of car crash, dies in hospital from injuries

It may be a close call to decide whether being blinded unexpectedly by the sun while driving can be considered the driver's negligence if a serious accident results from that blindness. The answer may depend on the detailed second-by-second scenario of what occurred. In most instances of sun-blindness, however, a car crash with another car or A collision with a pedestrian will be considered to be negligence. Under basic common sense rules in Tennessee and elsewhere, it is generally up to the driver to use the sun visor, put on sun glasses and, where necessary, to slow down and pull over.  

Car crash: Motorist crosses median and hits oncoming car head-on

A recent auto accident in Tennessee claimed two lives in a crossover incident which remains unexplained pending further investigation. A 27-year-old woman from Murfreesboro was heading east on State Route 840 West in Rutherford County when she lost control of her vehicle, crossed the median and crashed head-on into another car. The woman reportedly was ejected from her vehicle and hit by a Ford Ranger in this deadly multi-vehicle car crash.

Motorcyclist in crash with car, severe personal injury reported

All motorists should know how to effectively keep a lookout for approaching motorcycles on the roadway. Typically, automobile drivers find it difficult to notice an approaching motorcycle. Extra vigil is necessary to assure that one does not cause an accident through the inadvertent neglect of oncoming motorcycles.  This is even more pressing in a state like Tennessee where motorcycle clubs and social biking are very popular pastimes. Furthermore, if a biker is injured by a negligent driver, the biker is legally entitled to collect the full range of damages for personal injury just as any other victim of a motor vehicle accident .

Personal injury suffered by 3 in car accident near I-65

Two vehicles driven by Tennessee citizens collided on Hwy 76 near the I-65 Interchange in White House on Aug. 22 at about 9 p.m. Three people suffered personal injury in the violent two-vehicle crash that totaled both a one-ton pickup truck and an SUV. It appears that the SUV had slowed on the highway in order to turn onto the ramp entrance to I-65.

Retired teacher succumbs to fatal car accident injuries

A 78-year-old Tennessee teacher who retired in 2002 after 40 years of teaching passed away in the hospital on a recent Monday. His death from car accident injuries came one day after he was a passenger in a car that was involved in a head-on collision. The deceased man's wife and her sister were treated in the same hospital, and their conditions were reportedly stable.

Fatal car crash after car reenters I-640 from the shoulder

One thing that ruffles many drivers is when a vehicle off to the side of the highway reenters the roadway without sufficiently accounting for the safety of others already traveling on the highway. That kind of problem caused a fatal accident in Tennessee on Interstate 640 near Knoxville recently. A car crash occurred when a Toyota car pulled onto the highway from the shoulder of the road.

Right-of-way is an important liability factor in car accidents

The basic negligence rules governing vehicular accidents are generally the same in all jurisdictions. Certain accidents that fall within the heart of a negligence principle will almost invariably be determined to have the same liability attributions in each similar accident. Conversely, when there are discrepancies in the details of what happened, issues of liability may arise that are not so easy to resolve. With respect to car accidents, one of the basic negligence principles in Tennessee and elsewhere is that the operator of a vehicle that enters into the right-of-way of another vehicle is at fault.

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