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Driver dead in crash with bus, 1 on bus suffers personal injury

In Tennessee and elsewhere, it is unfortunately true that accidents involving an out-of-control vehicle are common events. When a driver loses control and crosses the highway, then enters into the oncoming lanes of traffic, that driver will virtually always be considered to have been negligent. Generally, any accident that occurs will be that driver's fault, and any personal injury suffered by innocent victims will be his or her legal responsibility.

Car crash kills 13-year-old boy who was helping change tire

The tragedies involving death and personal injury that occur when people drive carelessly on the highways bring untold human suffering that could have been prevented with some common sense and a measure of attention. A recent car crash in Tennessee on Interstate 24 is another heartbreaking tragedy that severed the joy of a close family in a split second. A 33-year-old female from Murfreesboro was reportedly speeding on the interstate near Smyrna when she lost control of her vehicle, crossed the center lane and crashed into and killed a 13-year-old boy who was helping his mother change a flat tire, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Fatal rear-end car crash kills baby, injures 4 in Murfreesboro

In Tennessee and all other states, it is almost always negligence for an operator of  a vehicle to rear-end another vehicle stopped ahead in the roadway. A vehicle can be stopped for a number of reasons: it may be waiting in a line of traffic, it may be disabled or it may have stopped to avoid hitting an animal or to allow an animal to get to safety. It is typically not a defense to a claim of damages for injury or death from a rear-end car crash that the rear-ended vehicle stopped for an improper reason. 

2 dead, 1 critically injured in bizarre car crash on interstate

A tragic mistake resulted in two people dead in a bizarre mishap in Tennessee on the morning of March 25 on I-40 near Hermitage. A 22-year-old man was driving a Dodge Neon with four passengers when the group apparently decided to get off the road and take a nap. It turned out that they had stopped in the far left lane of the interstate and not on the shoulder, which caused a car crash that left two passengers in the Neon dead and one passenger alive but fighting for his life.  

Car crash on Hwy. 109 claims life of 35-year-old Gallatin woman

A driver does not have to make actual physical contact with the victim's car in order to be found negligent and liable for the victim's damages. Sometimes, the negligent driver can set a chain reaction in motion so that another car strikes the victim's car during the course of a car crash. This scenario appears to have happened recently in Tennessee in the course of a fatal three-car accident that occurred in Wilson County.

Liability for personal injury is separate from criminal charge

Compensation for injuries suffered in a vehicular accident in Tennessee is based on tort principles of negligence. If a person is injured due to the negligence of one or more parties in an auto accident, the at-fault party is liable for compensating the victim for the economic value of the personal injury suffered. A driver's civil law obligation to compensate the victim for injuries in an accident has little to do with whether a driver will also be arrested or convicted for criminal activity with respect to that accident.

Icy road may not free driver of liability for personal injury

When a motorist loses control of his or her vehicle on an icy roadway that does not mean that he or she is off the hook for liability to others injured in the accident. For example, the Tennessee Highway Patrol reported an accident recently in which a 29-year-old man was killed when he lost control of his vehicle on an icy road, crossed over into the oncoming lane and struck another vehicle. After investigations are completed and the facts fleshed out, it may be established that the driver acted negligently by driving too fast for conditions or otherwise failing to exercise due care under the circumstances. Such findings may make a deceased driver's estate liable for a personal injury sustained by another person as a result of his or her negligence.  

1 killed in bus accident, 3 others suffer personal injury

A recent bus accident in Tennessee illustrates a few basic rules of negligence law. The accident occurred on Feb. 6 on Highway 11 near Calloway Road. One person died and three others suffered personal injury after a head-on collision occurred between a Loudon County school bus and a small SUV.  

2 flown to medical center, 1 dead in Tennessee car crash

Overcorrecting the steering of a vehicle which has begun to go off the road can sometimes make a dangerous situation even worse. Such was apparently the case in a recent Tennessee car crash. Ultimately, the tragedy left one young man dead and three car occupants injured. The accident occurred at an intersection on Highway 100 in Hickman County.

Red-light camera supporters say they reduce car accidents

There is a continuing debate in Tennessee regarding the usefulness of red-light cameras. One member of the legislature plans to try and have them outlawed, whereas other interested persons claim that the devices help to increase driver safety and reduce the number of car accidents. Some cities in Tennessee use the cameras to ticket those who run red lights, and other cities use them to ticket speeders.

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