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Tennessee multi-vehicle accident slays 2

A three-car accident on a highway in Tennessee has caused the deaths of two citizens. The police believe that the first car ran into the second as it was pulled over on the side of the highway, causing a chain-reaction collision that involved yet another vehicle.

Grandfather dies in motorcycle accident in Tennessee

On the afternoon of Sept. 9, a mid-South grandfather was riding his Harley home from work on Shelby Drive in Memphis. A car that was turning left pulled out in front of him at the corner of Swinnea and Shelby, allegedly causing the motorcycle to crash.

Suspected impaired driver kills Tennessee oncologist

People who have been drinking alcohol or doing drugs shouldn't drive a vehicle. Choosing to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of those substances is a fairly certain way to cause an automobile accident because of the delayed reaction time associated with impairment. Despite the fact that public service announcements are played and displayed regularly, some people don't choose to heed the warning. A recent accident in Wilson County, Tennessee, highlights how far-reaching of an impact one single driver can have on an entire community.

Former Cordova High School student killed in car accident

Teenagers who move away from the high school where they have formed friends will likely want to return to the area to visit those friends. That is what one former Cordova High School student was doing when she came back to Memphis to visit her boyfriend. She had moved out of state, but took the opportunity to visit those who she knew from her time in Memphis. Sadly, that trip to Memphis to see her boyfriend was the last trip she would ever take.

Bus-car crash kills woman, injures teens on a mission trip

Doing good deeds is something that shouldn't come with a negative price for anyone involved. Sadly, that isn't always the way things play out. A group of teens was on their way to a mission trip to help others when the bus they were in had what is believed to be a mechanical error. The bus barreled through a stop light in Tennessee and rammed into two other vehicles.

New program in Shelby County targets texting and driving

Almost everyone in Shelby County knows that taking your eyes off the road for even a split second can have horrible results. Even something as quick as a sneeze can end up being the thing that leads to an accident. While something like sneezing isn't preventable, things like texting and checking your cellphone are. The Memphis Firefighters Association is now starting a new program to cut down on the number of drivers who text or check their cellphones while they drive.

Car crashes into Shelby County apartment

You should be safe in your home. That is the place where you should be able to leave the outside world alone and focus on you. Sadly, there are some accidents that occur that bring the outside in -- into your home, that is. A recent car accident in Shelby County was an incident that looked like something out of a movie.

3 people killed, 6 injured in semi-car crash in Tennessee

Paying attention to everything going on around you is vital when you are driving. This is especially true if you are traveling on a multi-lane road that has higher speeds. Accidents that happen on busy roads, such as interstates, can often have catastrophic results. A recent car accident on Interstate 40 in Tennessee claimed the life of three people and left six others with injuries.

Car crash on Tennessee interstate claims 1 life, injures 5

When cars are driving at highway speeds, it is important for drivers to be especially vigilant about what is going on around their vehicle to help keep the highway safe. Sadly, there are instances in which drivers aren't as careful as they should be. These instances can lead to serious accidents. A recent accident on Interstate 65 in Tennessee is a prime example of how a driver not driving safely can affect others.

Minibus and utility truck collide in Tennessee, 1 person injured

Paying attention to what is going on around you when you drive is vital to ensure that you and those around you remain safe. Taking your eyes off the road or becoming distracted for even one second can lead to a catastrophe. A recent Tennessee accident shows how one driver's failure to pay attention to the roadway can actually cause other drivers to get into car accidents.

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