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Injured In An Auto Accident? We Are The Attorneys You Can Turn To.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you have enough to worry about — getting treatment, getting to and from the doctor’s office, dealing with the insurance adjuster, covering medical bills and paying for other accident-related expenses. Instead of trying to manage all these issues on your own, leave your legal care in the hands of our team of diligent, experienced and professional attorneys at Godwin, Morris, Laurenzi & Bloomfield, P.C.

From our office in Memphis, our team of lawyers and professional staff prepare every case as if it is going to trial. Opposing parties are a lot more willing to settle — and offer larger settlements — when they see that we are prepared to fight to the end. In short, we can help you get the maximum compensation you need from your car, truck or other type of auto accident injury in a timely fashion.

What Do I Do After Being Involved In A Car Crash?

If you become injured in a car crash or truck or tractor-trailer accident, take care to remember the three most important things to do:

  • Seek medical help: Even if it’s been a few days since the incident and you’re experiencing minor, but nagging pain, it’s important to see a doctor. Make sure you are physically all right after the accident. And if your auto accident is work-related, make sure you seek independent medical opinions, rather than relying on the company doctor.
  • Don’t give statements: Do not tell the insurance companies anything until you have talked with a lawyer. They will show up acting like your friend, but in reality, they are trying to build a case against your claim.
  • Contact an attorney: Even if you don’t contact us, you should contact an attorney to ensure you have someone who can help you deal with the insurance companies and build your case right from the beginning.

Dealing With The Insurance Companies

The insurance companies, both yours and the other driver’s, will try to deny your claim by establishing that the other driver didn’t cause the accident, or that if that driver did cause the accident, it wasn’t the cause of your injury.

  • They say they didn’t do it. Insurance companies try to establish that their driver did not cause the injury. Unlike railroad/FELA claims or riverboat/Jones Act claims, auto accidents and general personal injury claims in Tennessee require fault on the part of the defendant. If a plaintiff is at least 50 percent at fault, there is no recovery. So right from the start, the insurance companies will do everything possible to establish that you were the one who caused the auto accident.
  • They say that they didn’t cause the injuries. Even if the insurance companies cannot establish that you were the main cause, they will try to show that you had some kind of pre-existing injury. We have the experience to defend you from these tactics.

After Being Involved In A Car Accident, Give Us A Call

Whether it’s been a few hours or a few days since your car wreck, reach out to us and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your options: 901-528-1702 or toll free at 800-582-6213 or via email by completing our contact form.

We work with clients in Memphis and all across the South. With more than 100 years of combined legal experience, we are confident that we can help you get the compensation you need quickly and effectively.