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Brain trauma following a motor vehicle crash

While you may be fortunate to emerge from a motor vehicle accident with minor injuries, there is always the chance you or your loved one will be left with a very different life after a serious crash. Broken bones, internal injuries and spinal cord injuries are all common following a catastrophic accident, especially if the accident involves high speeds or a large vehicle. Perhaps one of the most devastating injuries possible is a brain injury.

A traumatic brain injury can rob you of your freedom, your mobility and even your very personality. Depending on the area of the brain and the severity of the injury, your life may never be the same.

Injured railroad workers and appropriate compensation

When a person suffers injuries in an accident at work, it can lead to expensive medical bills and other financial losses. Recovery can be expensive, and for some Tennessee workers, it can be a burden for the entire family. For many types of workers, there are options for financial support available after a work accident. 

While many employees are able to seek appropriate support through a workers' compensation claim, things work a little differently for men and women who are railroad workers. If you are employed in this specific type of job, you may find it beneficial to know how you can protect your interests after a work accident.

Misdiagnosis is the most common medical error

If a doctor misdiagnosed your illness, chances are you and your family spent weeks, months or even years struggling to make sense of it. Apparently, somewhere along the chain, beginning with your first symptom complaint, someone missed something. As a result, your illness was allowed to progress unchecked. Any treatment you received did little to relieve your suffering and may even have exacerbated the situation.

Sadly, you are one of millions who receive incorrect diagnoses or for whom doctors simply dismiss their symptoms. Most frequently, misdiagnoses occur with patients who have cancer, leaving many to die from an illness that may have been curable if the medical team had properly diagnosed it. Even more than errors in surgical procedures, a missed diagnosis is becoming the most common medical mistake in the country.

Keeping teenage drivers safe in Tennessee

Like most Tennessee parents, you probably worry every time your teenager heads out the front door with car keys in hand. The problem is your child doesn't get to navigate roadways alone. Many times, problems arise because of other motorists.

A moment's negligence on the part of another driver can change your child's life forever. But if another person causes your child to an suffer injury in a motor vehicle collision, there are definite steps you can take to seek justice. Here are several tips to protect your new driver. 

Is technology the solution to avoiding truck accidents?

It seems as if every time you get behind the wheel of your car, you are placing your life at risk. More vehicles than ever are on the roads, and Tennessee speed limits continue to increase. Throw in a fleet of truckers anxious to meet their deadlines, and you have a recipe for tragedy.

From time to time, TV news or safety advocates will warn drivers of smaller vehicles what they can do to avoid being in an accident with a truck. Avoiding blind spots, keeping your distance and trying not to cut off a tractor-trailer are all sage pieces of advice, but sometimes no precautions can prevent a collision with a truck if the operator makes a critical error.

The Jones Act: Understanding it and what it means for you

Understanding your rights as a Tennessee maritime worker is a significant step in protecting these rights in the event of an injury suffered during the commission of your job duties. The Jones Act is a federal law that protects the interests of maritime workers, and it is beneficial for you to understand what this law means for you and the specific protections it provides.

Maritime workers are not eligible for traditional workers' compensation benefits, but there are ways that they can seek care and recover financial losses in the event of a work accident. Under the Jones Act, these workers may bring a civil claim against their employer, an option generally not available to most onshore workers.

"Hamm Alert" - New safety system coming in wake of El Faro?

In the wake of the tragic downing of cargo ship El Faro on October 1, 2015, the widow of a crew member now looks for new safety measures. The El Faro went down as it carried cargo from Jacksonville, Florida to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The catastrophic event took the lives of 33 aboard the ship, including Frank Hamm, the husband of Rochelle Hamm.

What she found out about the events that transpired those few days, encouraged her to lobby for improved safety measures to protect merchant mariners in the future. She wishes that protection would have been in place for her husband. 

How soon will driverless technology take to the water?

It's only a matter of time before automated technology becomes common on land, air and sea. While driverless cars are getting most of the attention, companies are also exploring driverless technology on ships.

Executives at Rolls-Royce predict that within a decade, automated ships will be common in seas across the world, and automated ferries and tugs may be making short journeys within just a few years, according to a recent article in IEEE Spectrum.

Walking the fine line of longshore and harbor workers' comp

In terms of employment law, you might say that longshoremen and harbor workers occupy a place between seamen and land-based employees. Because they are part of a vast maritime industry, but do not necessarily go out to sea, the federal government created the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act in 1927 to protect this niche class of hardworking men and women.

The LHWCA differs from both the Jones Act that protects seaman and Tennessee's workers' compensation insurance. Unlike these protections, the LHEWCA generally gives injured workers the ability to be fully compensated if they suffer a loss. There are fine lines between these types of worker protections.

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