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Experience is the key to avoiding boating accidents

Members of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency are charged with keeping the waterways in the state safe for anyone using them. In order to do their job effectively, they must be properly trained. Recently, these new officers have been being trained at Paris Landing where they can get training in a variety of situations, such as how to pull a vessel over and how to deal with the public.

Suspected impaired driver kills Tennessee oncologist

People who have been drinking alcohol or doing drugs shouldn't drive a vehicle. Choosing to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of those substances is a fairly certain way to cause an automobile accident because of the delayed reaction time associated with impairment. Despite the fact that public service announcements are played and displayed regularly, some people don't choose to heed the warning. A recent accident in Wilson County, Tennessee, highlights how far-reaching of an impact one single driver can have on an entire community.

Former Cordova High School student killed in car accident

Teenagers who move away from the high school where they have formed friends will likely want to return to the area to visit those friends. That is what one former Cordova High School student was doing when she came back to Memphis to visit her boyfriend. She had moved out of state, but took the opportunity to visit those who she knew from her time in Memphis. Sadly, that trip to Memphis to see her boyfriend was the last trip she would ever take.

Commercial boating accidents and the Jones Act

Watching your loved one get on a barge or other commercial vessel can be devastating. The thoughts about the dangers are usually at the front of your mind while they are at work. While most people will return home to their family members without an incident after working on the waterways, there are some instances in which people might not return or when they come home injured. For these families, knowing about the Jones Act might help them to decide what steps to take from there.

Bus-car crash kills woman, injures teens on a mission trip

Doing good deeds is something that shouldn't come with a negative price for anyone involved. Sadly, that isn't always the way things play out. A group of teens was on their way to a mission trip to help others when the bus they were in had what is believed to be a mechanical error. The bus barreled through a stop light in Tennessee and rammed into two other vehicles.

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