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February 2014 Archives

Is the new conclusion about elderly drivers reliable?

Many of our Memphis readers may have already seen or heard about the study grabbing national attention this month regarding elderly drivers and their perceived safety behind the wheel. For several decades, researchers have believed that accidents caused by elderly drivers would increase as the Baby Boomer generation continued to age. But a new study seems to suggest that this might not be true, even going so far as to say that aging Baby Boomers are less of a safety threat than we thought.

Man charged with vehicular homicide arrested once more for DUI

Old wounds may have been recently reopened for the family of a 47-year-old Nashville man who was killed in a fatal motor vehicle accident on April 19, 2013. That's because the driver of the vehicle that hit him, the 42-year-old bassist for the band 3 Doors Down, was recently arrested in Mississippi for once again driving under the influence. Although no one suffered injury this time around, the musician's recent arrest shows a pattern of negligent behavior that could be pointed out in future civil litigation.

Changing DUI laws may leave Tennessee drivers leery about justice

When most people hear about an instance of drunk driving, there is usually one thought that is universal: I hope no one got hurt because of that decision. That's because, as so many readers of our blog know, drunk driving can lead to incredibly serious accidents. And behind every one of those accidents is a family that is left grieving and wanting justice for their loved one.

Train derailment in Carroll County shakes up neighbors

It is easy to imagine the destruction a train accident can cause. Trains are huge machines that can reach high speeds. If one derails or crashes into another vehicle, the damage can be immense. This possibility was on the minds of many Carroll County residents recently after a frightening train crash.

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