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December 2013 Archives

Recent hit movie inspires maritime questions among the public

Though the holiday season wasn't short of its own blockbuster movies in the theaters, a movie was released in theaters earlier this year that has kept viewers talking. "Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks in the title role, depicted the dramatic, true hijacking of a commercial vessel by Somali pirates.

Tennessee DUI accident took away my daughter's childhood

In our Memphis Personal Injury Law Blog and in many news stories, the focus is on the facts of the accident. The focus is on what went wrong, when a negligent act occurred and the immediate assessment of the injuries. We may share the fact that victims can seek compensation by way of a personal injury lawsuit, but what is that compensation for?

Tennessee soldier mistaken for deer left to die after hit and run

A tragic hit-and-run accident could turn into a wrongful death lawsuit if the victim's family decides to take legal action against the man responsible for striking their loved one while he walked along Tylertown Road in Clarksville, Tennessee. It's an action that many of our readers would probably take as well, especially after considering the events that led up to the victim's death.

Federal response to commercial driving industry underlines risk

These days, a picture of an overturned commercial vehicle such as a truck or bus might seem like everyday footage. But auto accidents involving commercial vehicles are serious and should never be accepted as everyday occurrences. People get seriously hurt and even killed when negligent driving and large vehicles mix.

Weekend train accident kills 4, injures at least one worker

Depending on where they live, many people have and utilize the option of traveling via train. For example, thousands of commuters in New York use the train to get to work on a regular basis. For others, the train is their work, and a dangerous place of work it can be.

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