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Tennessee DUI accident took away my daughter’s childhood

by | Dec 27, 2013 | Car Accidents

In our Memphis Personal Injury Law Blog and in many news stories, the focus is on the facts of the accident. The focus is on what went wrong, when a negligent act occurred and the immediate assessment of the injuries. We may share the fact that victims can seek compensation by way of a personal injury lawsuit, but what is that compensation for?

An accident occurred nearly 10 years ago, when a mother and her two young children were driving through Tennessee. Their vehicle was hit by a drunk driver, and the losses suffered that day were ones that she doesn’t want anyone else to experience. She advocates with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, hoping that her story will “change our thinking” about driving after even a couple drinks.

After her accident, she incurred medical costs associated with treating her injuries as well as her daughter’s. She was in a drug-induced coma for several days during which doctors conducted 15 surgeries, and still, she was left with permanent injuries.

More than her own permanent disability and financial damage, the coma prevented her from being able to go to her own son’s funeral. Her daughter was able to survive the injuries she suffered in the crash, but her life will never be the same.

“The accident took away her childhood,” the mother said. Not only was her daughter forced to grow up without a brother, but the accident weakened her body to the point that she couldn’t even do things like play basketball.

“Drunk driving does affect other innocent people whose lives will change forever,” she said.

While no one can erase what happens in an accident, a personal injury lawsuit can help hold those that put others at risk responsible for the damage that is caused. It also gives victims the financial footing to recover from the injuries as best as is possible.

Source: Cove Herald, “Mother’s life forever changed by drunk driver,” Wendy Sledd, Dec. 27, 2013


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