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Boat runs aground, 3 men injured, 1 is in critical condition

Going on a boating adventure is a way that some people choose to relax. Some people get in the boat to fish and others to just explore a body of water. Despite the seeming tranquility of going boating, it is still important for operators of boats to ensure that they are doing what is necessary to keep others in the boat safe. A recent Tennessee boating accident shows that boating accidents can involve serious injuries.

Car crash on Tennessee interstate claims 1 life, injures 5

When cars are driving at highway speeds, it is important for drivers to be especially vigilant about what is going on around their vehicle to help keep the highway safe. Sadly, there are instances in which drivers aren't as careful as they should be. These instances can lead to serious accidents. A recent accident on Interstate 65 in Tennessee is a prime example of how a driver not driving safely can affect others.

Fatal train accident in Tennessee highlights crossing safety

Crossing train tracks is almost always a dangerous proposition. Some crossings are known as more dangerous than others are. That seems to be the case with the Mountain View Drive crossing in Tennessee. That crossing was recently the scene of a fatal train accident when a train slammed into a car as it was crossing the tracks.

Boating accidents showcase need for proper safety and insurance

Heading out onto the waterways to have some fun in the sun is part of what makes the summer season so enjoyable. For people who have boats, this time of year is also one that brings to mind the necessity of having adequate insurance. Sadly, not everyone who has a boat has enough insurance to cover property damage and injury claims that might result from a boating accident.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed in train accident death

By now, almost everyone in the country has heard about the tragic accident that claimed the life of a woman who was working on the movie "Midnight Rider." Tennessee residents might like to know about the newest turn in this tragic tale.

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