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Memphis car crash kills 1, injures 3

The safety of anyone in a moving motor vehicle is often in the hands of the other drivers on the road. Accidents can happen when a driver is reckless, intoxicated, high on drugs, experienced or distracted, but sometimes they just happen because a good driver had a momentary lapse of judgment. No matter what the root cause of a car crash is, it can have an absolutely devastating impact on everyone involved.

Proposed device could prevent truck accidents

While it can take months or even years for a new commercial vehicle regulation to become final, supporters of an electronic device that monitors driver hours in semis and buses hope it won't take long. The proposed regulation would require commercial vehicle operators, including those from Tennessee, who drive across state lines to have this electronic device keep track of the number of hours the truck, bus or other vehicle is moving.

After fatal railroad accident, Allman biopic filming suspended

Many Shelby residents know that while making a Hollywood film may seem glamorous, it is also hard work. But few may realize that it can also be dangerous. If mistakes are made in obtaining the necessary filming permits and clearances, a film crew can find themselves in an extremely risky situation.

Could Apple's new CarPlay add to distracted driving cases?

There is no doubt that we have evolved into a connected society. It seems like every waking hour involves some form of communication with the outside world, and everything from tweeting to texting lets us do that. But this constant need for connectivity can be incredibly dangerous behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. It can cause drivers to become distracted and cause accidents. But despite this fact, manufacturers continue to introduce new technologies that can make any motorist a hazard.

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