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March 2016 Archives

In the "Weird Jobs That We Wouldn't Ever Consider Doing" Department, Cell tower industry taps talent pool of ex-offenders


"Freaky Fast" Union-Busting: Court of Appeals Shuts Down JimmyJohns' Claim That Workers Dissed Company by Touting Lack of Sick Leave; NLRB Order of Reinstatement Upheld


Boating accident may give rise to personal injury claim

Tennessee is a state that is rich in having a large number of rivers, lakes and waterways. Boating accidents in the state are consequently a regular occurrence. When a boating accident occurs due to the negligent operation of the boat or another boat involved in a boating accident, a personal injury claim may be made against the negligent party.

Teamsters Picket, Cause Traffic Jam, At SF Tech Bus Company That Cut Deal With Fake Union; Politicians Threaten to Pull Permits


Bill tries to stop personal injury caused by bus drivers

Tennessee law prohibits bus drivers from using a mobile phone while the bus is in motion and while transporting children unless there is an emergency need to use the phone. The current law is a Class C misdemeanor with a $50 fine. That was criticized as totally insufficient in 2014 when a school bus in Knox County crashed and ended the lives of two children and a teacher's assistant while also causing personal injury to other occupants.

Car crash sends 2 women to the hospital after car crosses median

The task of driving defensively is underplayed in Tennessee and throughout the country; however, significant numbers of lives might be saved each year if a bit more promotion would be devoted to that safety subject. It is crucial for a driver to anticipate bad things happening on the highway and to remain ever-vigilant in preparation to make a sudden necessary move away from an accident. Vigilance by a driver means looking out for the negligence of the other driver and taking defensive moves to save oneself and one's passengers from an impending car crash.

From Stomach Upset to Labor Upset: Firing for Tweets Brings NLRB Ruling for Server: "@ChipotleTweets, nothing is free, only cheap #labor...make $8.50hr how much is that steak bowl really "

NLRB Issues Cost-Cutting Memo to Regions: Budget Shortfall Leads to Instructions to Settle Cases, Disconnect Phone Lines, Curtail Travel, Cut Postage, and Videotape Testimony


Stripper Sues Club for Wage and Hour Violations, No Workers Comp When Falls From Pole; Club Controls Price for Dances and Thong Width - - Dancer says "Gotta get my baby some diapers"

Ivy League Union-Busters: Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton File Briefs Urging Graduate Assistants Not Be Allowed to Organize: Say Bargaining and Arbitration Would Cause Conflict and Tension


1 woman dies after fatal rear-end car crash on I-24

A rear-end collision is generally caused by the negligence of the driver who hits the other vehicle in the rear. The rules of the road in Tennessee and other states, whose violation usually indicates negligence, require that a driver be on the lookout for slowing and stopped traffic ahead. In order to avoid a car crash, the operator is generally supposed to stay an "assured clear distance" behind any vehicles ahead so that the driver will be able to bring the vehicle to a safe stop.

Widow in Tennessee says car crash should prompt road upgrades

Suffering the unexpected deaths of family members can cause long-lasting grief and devastation. A recent Tennessee car crash occurred on a section of road that some people consider dangerous. A woman whose husband and son were involved says it is time for officials to make changes in the road so that the safety of those using the roadway will be better protected.

The Donald Dismisses Settlement of Union Lawsuit Over Building Trump Tower as "Ancient History" - 150 Illegal Polish Workers Earned a Flat $5/hr, Lacked Basic Safety Equipment, Caused Lawsuit Over Union Fringes

Chinese Copper Plant Tries to Impose Values At Alabama Plant, Imports and Puts Up Chinese Managers; Workers Choose USW to Battle Cultural Divide


In the "Facts About the Candidates We Didn't Want to Know" Department, Wally World Board of Directors Member Hillary Clinton Ignored Company's Union-Busting, Is Called by the Company a "Valuable Contributor"

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