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Distracted driving a big cause of accident injuries and deaths

Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of vehicular accidents on the nation's roadways. In Tennessee, it is a problem that is reaching crisis levels as authorities report issuing far more texting and driving citations than ever before. Although the Tennessee Highway Patrol issued 114 texting and driving citations in 2014, authorities have already issued 995 texting citations in 2015. This is particularly important in light of statistics saying that since 2010 more than 8,000 people have suffered accident injuries, and 48 have died from car accidents in the state.

Negligent driving leads to trucker named a public safety hazard

Many lives are lost on roads nationwide, including in Tennessee, as the result of truck drivers and their employers violating safety regulations for commercial trucks. In June, negligent driving by a fatigued commercial truck driver caused an accident on Interstate 75 in Tennessee that involved several vehicles. Six people lost their lives in that accident.

Train derails, serious injuries feared from dangerous material

The general rule is that a defendant will be absolutely liable for damages and injuries caused when conducting a hazardous activity or handling hazardous chemicals. That could be the standard used against CSX railroad company. On July 3, thousands of people were evacuated from their Tennessee homes in Maryville, and dozens reported respiratory injuries when a train car carrying a hazardous material derailed and released at least some of its contents into the air. At least 87 persons were treated at the Blount Memorial Hospital, and 36 were admitted with possible serious injuries.

1 dead in car crash caused by attempt to pass on 2-lane road

Everyone has probably at one time or another experienced the dangers of trying to pass a vehicle on a two-lane roadway that contains only one lane of traffic in the direction traveled, and one lane coming the other way. The rules of the road in Tennessee and elsewhere are fairly uniform and specific; nonetheless, an attempt to pass the car ahead is often risking a potential car crash. One two-lane road in Gibson County was the scene of a fatal accident on Saturday, July 11, when a motorist's attempt to pass a vehicle in front of him on a two-lane road resulted in a head-on crash with a motorcycle.

Tennessee boating accident could lead to wrongful death claim

When Tennessee residents hear of personal injury accidents, it is usually motor vehicle accidents. However, with summer well underway here in Tennessee, boating accidents may take the forefront of the news. In some of these cases, just like with car accidents, accidents out on the water can result in wrongful death. 

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