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2 killed, 2 injured when police chase triggers car accidents

The speed and recklessness involved in most police chases make it easy to see why many of them end in crashes. The unfortunate thing about these crashes is that innocent motorists often find themselves involved. A fatal crash in Tennessee on Oct. 23 demonstrates the danger the public faces when police chases occur and car accidents result.

Officers hit and injured while investigating a car crash on I75

A dangerous situation can occur when two people engage in a heated, emotional argument while driving on a highway. The necessity of safe driving can become nearly impossible when one or both of the arguing parties loses all emotional control. This happened recently in Knox County when a domestic dispute between two people started a chain of events leading to an accident, followed by a second car crash that injured three Knox County deputies and a Tennessee state trooper.

Fatal car crash on I-40 kills marine, may spawn death claim

It is dangerous to get out of one's car at night on a busy Interstate highway. That may be doubly true when one has an accident on the highway and gets out of the car to inquire if the other driver is okay. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, such an event occurred on Oct. 10 at about 12:30 a.m. when an 18-year-old Marine was involved in a minor car crash on Interstate 40.

New safety features will aid drivers in truck or car accidents

New technology has been put to use to increase safety for citizens who face emergency situations created by highway accidents. The features are available through the online driver services provided by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security. In the event of truck or car accidents, for example, emergency contact information will be made available to law enforcement officers if the license holder is unable to communicate with first responders.

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