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New safety features will aid drivers in truck or car accidents

by | Oct 7, 2015 | Car Accidents

New technology has been put to use to increase safety for citizens who face emergency situations created by highway accidents. The features are available through the online driver services provided by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security. In the event of truck or car accidents, for example, emergency contact information will be made available to law enforcement officers if the license holder is unable to communicate with first responders.

Citizens may register their emergency contact information by visiting the state’s online driver services website. An individual may enter data identifying a main emergency contact and additional contact persons. The contact’s phone number and email address are included. That information will then be added to the drivers’ license database. This will assist authorities as they attempt to locate a person’s family or friends in an emergency situation.

The idea was originally intended to assist families of adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. It provides law enforcement with critical information if the family member is involved in a traffic stop or lost. The idea, however, logically applies to all drivers and can be of valuable assistance in certain emergency situations.

The service can also be used to renew or replace drivers’ licenses and for scheduling road skills tests. It is also allows licensed drivers to register to receive email communications from the online services department. The new features are available thanks to an overhaul and modernization effort by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

These features will facilitate the processing of information when truck or car accidents occur. In Tennessee and all other states, when an individual is hurt or killed in a vehicular accident due to another person’s negligence, certain legal remedies are triggered. An injured person, or the estate of a deceased individual, may send notice to the negligent driver or drivers that a claim for compensation is being filed. Experienced personal injury counsel is especially equipped to assist injured persons or family members when they need to make effective and legally accurate claims for damages.

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