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Minibus and utility truck collide in Tennessee, 1 person injured

Paying attention to what is going on around you when you drive is vital to ensure that you and those around you remain safe. Taking your eyes off the road or becoming distracted for even one second can lead to a catastrophe. A recent Tennessee accident shows how one driver's failure to pay attention to the roadway can actually cause other drivers to get into car accidents.

Police officer killed by motor home in Tennessee

A police officer in Tennessee was responding to a car accident when he lost his life. He had parked his patrol car on the roadway and had begun directing traffic, having responded to a call about a pickup truck that, while driving on the ramp, had rolled over. Another response truck from the Tennessee Department of Transportation was also on the scene.

Truck accident in Tennessee injures trooper and tow truck driver

Paying attention to what is going on around you is a very important part of driving. If you don't watch what you are doing, you can cause a serious accident that can hurt other people who are on the roadway. A recent truck accident in Tennessee shows how important it is to always be mindful while you drive.

Distracted driving car accidents causes around 9 deaths daily

Anyone who is driving must give their full attention to what is going on around them. Becoming distracted by anything else, such as cellphones, the radio, children or primping, can lead to an accident. Each day more than nine people die because of car accidents caused by a distracted driver, according to an estimate based on a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study. For families that have lost loved ones in car accidents caused by distracted drivers, this information hits close to home.

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