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Minibus and utility truck collide in Tennessee, 1 person injured

by | May 23, 2014 | Car Accidents

Paying attention to what is going on around you when you drive is vital to ensure that you and those around you remain safe. Taking your eyes off the road or becoming distracted for even one second can lead to a catastrophe. A recent Tennessee accident shows how one driver’s failure to pay attention to the roadway can actually cause other drivers to get into car accidents.

The accident occurred in East Jackson when a minibus from the Jackson Transit Authority stopped to let a passenger off the bus. The passenger who was getting off the bus was taken to the hospital with injuries because of the accident.

The vehicle behind the bus didn’t notice it had stopped and had to swerve out of the way to avoid hitting it. While that fast reaction saved that vehicle from hitting the bus, it didn’t give the city utility truck behind it enough time to react to the stopped bus. The utility truck slammed into the back of the minibus.

This accident could have been much worse than it was. The person who injured in the accident is said to have minor injuries. That person, however, will likely have to deal with mounting medical bills from having to go to the hospital, as well as bills for follow-up treatment. All of these expenses can add up quickly, which can devastate a person’s finances.

Seeking compensation for damages, such as medical bills and doctors’ bills, might be possible for some people who are injured in an accident. While compensation won’t take away the pain of the accident, it might help to minimize the financial impact the accident has on the victim.

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