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Fatal train accident in Tennessee highlights crossing safety

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Train Accidents

Crossing train tracks is almost always a dangerous proposition. Some crossings are known as more dangerous than others are. That seems to be the case with the Mountain View Drive crossing in Tennessee. That crossing was recently the scene of a fatal train accident when a train slammed into a car as it was crossing the tracks.

Residents in the area seem concerned about the safety of the crossing. One resident says that it isn’t possible to see the oncoming trains until you get around 10 feet from the crossing. They say the trees create a blind spot. That blind spot is complicated by the bend in the tracks leading up to the crossing.

At the time of the fatal railroad accident, there were four people in the vehicle. One male and one female died in the accident. Two males were injured. A family member of one of the deceased passengers says that only faith is getting them through this difficult time.

All told, there have been four fatal train accidents in the state in the last 12 months. This one, however, is the first that occurred at this crossing in the last 30 years. Those facts aren’t likely to take away the pain of the family members affected by the deaths and injuries in this most recent crash.

Ultimately, the two people who were injured and the family members of those who were killed might decide to seek compensation for damages relating to this accident. Learning about the civil process might help them if they decide to seek compensation.

Source:  6 News, “Family members turn to faith, neighbors ask safety questions after deadly Harriman train accident” Laura Halm, Jun. 02, 2014


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