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Car crash on Tennessee interstate claims 1 life, injures 5

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Car Accidents

When cars are driving at highway speeds, it is important for drivers to be especially vigilant about what is going on around their vehicle to help keep the highway safe. Sadly, there are instances in which drivers aren’t as careful as they should be. These instances can lead to serious accidents. A recent accident on Interstate 65 in Tennessee is a prime example of how a driver not driving safely can affect others.

The car crash happened when a person driving a Ford Taurus didn’t keep the vehicle in the proper lane. Instead, the Taurus crossed the grassy median and slammed into a Kia Sorento. A couple in a Jeep Grand Cherokee smashed into the accident between the Taurus and the Sorento.

Sadly, a passenger who was in the Taurus died in the accident. The driver of the Taurus, the couple in the Grand Cherokee, and two other people were taken to local hospitals for treatment of injuries suffered in the accident.

A female occupant in the Grand Cherokee thought she had lost her husband in the accident, but he was still alive. The front end of their vehicle was severely damaged.

For those who were injured in this horrible accident and the family of the deceased person, seeking compensation might be an option they choose to take. Any award they receive in response to their claims for damages might help to reduce the impact had on their finances. They might opt to make claims for medical bills, property damage, pain and a host of other claims. The family of the deceased person might opt to seek compensation for their loved one’s final expenses.

Source: The Tennessean, “THP: 1 dead in I-65 crash” Eric B. Miller, Jun. 13, 2014


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