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Former Cordova High School student killed in car accident

by | Aug 15, 2014 | Car Accidents

Teenagers who move away from the high school where they have formed friends will likely want to return to the area to visit those friends. That is what one former Cordova High School student was doing when she came back to Memphis to visit her boyfriend. She had moved out of state, but took the opportunity to visit those who she knew from her time in Memphis. Sadly, that trip to Memphis to see her boyfriend was the last trip she would ever take.

The girl was involved in an accident that claimed her life. She was a passenger in a Ford F150 that was being driven by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is a student at Bartlett High School. They were near Yale and Memphis-Arlington when the driver of a Lincoln Town Car didn’t yield to the truck.

The F150 and the Town Car collided. The impact of that collision caused the truck to cross the median. It then hit another vehicle. The truck finally came to rest on its side after rolling over. The male driving the truck was injured, but his girlfriend was killed.

Sadly, this young person’s life was cut short by a driver who failed to follow traffic laws. While no charges have been filed yet in this car accident, the pain of her family members and those who knew her is likely horrible. Now, her family faces the reality that she was killed so far from their current home.

Coping with the loss of a loved one who died in a car accident goes far beyond dealing with the heartbreak. Family members also have to deal with the financial impact. It won’t help their emotional state, but they can choose to seek compensation to help with the financial impact.

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