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5 steps to take after a collision causes injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2023 | Admiralty And Maritime Law

Maritime workers face inherent risks on the open sea, and collisions between vessels are unfortunately not uncommon.

When such incidents occur, maritime workers must know how to handle injuries and protect their rights without delay.

1. Seek medical attention

In the immediate aftermath of a vessel collision, prioritizing safety is important. Seek medical attention promptly, ensuring the documentation of injuries by the ship’s medical staff. Report the incident to the ship’s master or superior, providing a detailed account of the events leading to the collision.

2. Document the scene

Take photographs of the collision site, capturing the damage to both vessels involved. Record any relevant information, such as weather conditions, time of day and the speed of the vessels. This documentation can be invaluable when establishing liability and seeking compensation later.

3. Notify the appropriate authorities

Inform the appropriate maritime authorities about the collision, adhering to established reporting procedures. This helps ensure a thorough investigation into the incident and may contribute to the resolution of any disputes.

4. Cooperate with the investigation

Collaborate fully with any investigations conducted by maritime authorities. Provide clear and concise statements regarding your perspective on the collision, avoiding unnecessary details. Cooperation demonstrates a commitment to a fair and thorough resolution of the incident.

5. Communicate with colleagues

Share information about the collision with fellow crew members. This establishes a collective understanding of the incident, which may be helpful during subsequent legal proceedings.

In 2021, the water transportation industry had a nonfatal injury rate of 2.3 per 100 full-time workers. Although lower than some other industries, accidents still happen. If injuries happen due to a collision, taking the right steps can help maritime workers protect their rights and work toward a just resolution.


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