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Fatal boat accident leads to negligence case against several

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Boating Accidents

Though the boating accident we are to discuss in this post took place out-of-state, it is still worthwhile to cover due to its layers of complexity regarding who could possibly be held accountable following a boat accident. A father who lost his child to an incident this summer is suing various parties for what he claims was negligence after a July Fourth celebration.

How many people like to get out on the water for the Fourth of July and watch the fireworks action with the water twinkling below them? Boating is a common pastime during that particular holiday and, unfortunately, results in celebrations turning catastrophic. It is no different for the victims who died when a boat they were riding in capsized this past summer.

Victims of the boating accident in New York were children. One of the kids who died was only 7 years old, and her father is not taking the loss of his child without fighting for what he believes is justice. He filed a negligence lawsuit last week against the following parties and more:

  • Owner of the boat
  • Driver of the boat
  • Manufacturer of the boat

The plaintiff argues that the owner (as well as the other adults on the boat) should have realized that there were too many passengers on the water craft. According to the district attorney’s office, evidence from the scene of the boating accident suggested that the capsizing was the result of overcrowding.

Details regarding why the plaintiff is suing the maker of the boat are not disclosed. It is possible that he believes the design of the boat contributed to the fatal incident and the death of his young daughter.

Accidents that happen on the Tennessee River, Mississippi River and other waterways can often be attributed to the negligence of various parties. An attorney with experience in boat accident injuries and deaths can explain victims’ legal options following a maritime incident.

Source: Newsday, “Father of Oyster Bay capsize victim sues,” Bill Bleyer, Oct. 11, 2013


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