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Car crashes into Shelby County apartment

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Car Accidents

You should be safe in your home. That is the place where you should be able to leave the outside world alone and focus on you. Sadly, there are some accidents that occur that bring the outside in — into your home, that is. A recent car accident in Shelby County was an incident that looked like something out of a movie.

Just before 10:00 on a Monday night, the occupant of an apartment got a surprise that probably wasn’t expected. That person was hit by a car that came careening into the Appling Lakes at Cordova Club Apartments. The person in the apartment suffered from minor injuries, including bruising and cuts.

The driver of the car had to be taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital with injuries said to be minor. Shelby County fire department representatives say that the car drove over the lawn after leaving the parking lot before crashing into the occupied apartment.

For the person who was hit by the car, keeping a close eye on the bruises and cuts is vital to ensure that the injuries caused by the car crash aren’t more serious than initially believed.

Anyone who has been the victim of personal injury caused by a car accident has the right to seek compensation from the parties responsible for the accident. Knowing the process for filing a claim in Tennessee and understanding what will happen might make going through it all a little easier. Claims for medical bills, property damage, and other damages are some examples of what might be able to be sought through the legal process.

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