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Pumpkin truck crashes into Tennessee home, kills 1

by | Oct 15, 2014 | Truck Accidents

A Donelson woman was killed and her family’s house totaled when a tractor-trailer loaded with pumpkins ran off the road, through several yards and into the residence, killing the sleeping woman. The other occupants of the home were reportedly uninjured in the Oct. 8 crash.

The driver of the truck, who police said showed no signs of impairment, said that the early morning accident occurred when he lost control of the commercial vehicle after the 40,000-pound load of pumpkins shifted. According to reports, however, investigators at the scene did not find evidence to support that claim. Furthermore, no brake marks were found at the accident site.

The driver voluntarily submitted to a blood test, and has not been charged with anything at this time. He was not injured in the accident, and authorities with the Tennessee Highway Patrol and metro are continuing their investigation.

Persons in tractor-trailer accidents often suffer severe injuries that may lead to eventual death. Representation by a wrongful death attorney may provide an opportunity for grieving families to look for telling evidence of negligence such as driver recklessness, fatigue, a trucking company’s failure to maintain their vehicles and so on. It is possible that more than one party may be liable for the actions directly leading up to the fatality if a driver potentially deemed at-fault for the crash was working on the clock. A loved one’s unexpected death might lead to extensive financial strain that can often be eased in the form of compensation from a successful civil suit.

Source: WSMV.com, “Woman killed after semi carrying pumpkins crashes into home”, Kara Apel and Larry Flowers, October 08, 2014


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