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Understanding the concept of collective bargaining

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Uncategorized

Being part of a union provides you with numerous benefits. As an organized group, you can help better your position no matter your industry. The leadership of the union works to make sure that you receive fair pay and benefits for the work you do.

If you encounter unsafe working conditions, the union could help rectify that situation as well. If it becomes necessary to get government agencies involved, the union leadership handles these issues so that you don’t have to. When it comes time to renew a contract or otherwise set out terms of your employment, the union works on your behalf to provide you with the best solutions possible.

This is where collective bargaining comes in

Union representatives sit down with your employer to work out an agreement on issues such as the following:

  • Work hours
  • Holiday hours
  • Base pay
  • Overtime pay
  • Working conditions and other rules
  • Vacation and sick time
  • Shift length
  • Health care benefits
  • Retirement benefits

Collective bargaining can cover every aspect of your employment, which may include more than the issues above depending on your industry. Your union dues pay for this process. However, if negotiations do not go well, the union may require you to strike, or you could experience an employee lockout. These actions are more than inconvenient for you, but you must know that union wages continue to remain higher than those for non-union workers.

The process may ultimately be worth it since the agreements put into place often last for years at a time. This could provide you with much needed peace of mind regarding the security of your position.

The union wants to reach a peaceful agreement

In most cases, the union doesn’t want you to have to stop working in order to reach an agreement. They use all of the resources at their disposal to get the job done without sacrificing your daily work schedule. This often means involving attorneys who understand the process and know how to negotiate on behalf of the union and its members.

You work hard, and you should have the opportunity to receive the best possible pay and benefits for it. When your union enters into the collective bargaining process, it will more than likely enlist the aid of an attorney with experience with the process who also understands the importance of ensuring the security of your employment, wages and benefits as well as your safety for years to come.


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