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Safety tips for longshoremen

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Boating Accidents

Working on a boat can be an extremely dangerous career. Many accidents can jeopardize a longshoreman’s way of life, and they may not be able to recover from their injuries. When a longshore worker is not careful, a small mistake can cost them their future.

Injuries on the open waters can come out of nowhere and happen to anyone. By keeping a few safety tips in mind, a longshore worker can help protect themselves and their future. Here are four tips that can help you secure your safety:

Remember your training

The training that you went through to earn your position on the vessel is invaluable. Do not take for granted your safety while using heavy machinery like a crane. Before any workday, make a mental checklist of safety measures to follow to protect yourself on the job.

Wear proper safety equipment

The right safety gear can make the difference between an injury and a catastrophic injury. Steel toe boots can save your toes from falling equipment, just like a hard-hat can protect your brain from the same falling object. Reflective vests and jackets can also help you remain visible in dangerous areas on a boat or dock.

Watch for blind spots

While transporting cargo, a blind spot can be a death sentence for someone. If you are operating a forklift or other piece of machinery, make sure you know your blind spots. If you see a coworker operating the machinery, be sure that you are not in their blind spots.

Avoid the bight

Loops of rope or wire on a boat can be extremely dangerous in an instant. The moment that line becomes taught, the loop has the potential of severing anything inside of it. A hand or arm has very little defense against hundreds or thousands of pounds of force in a line that is pulling tight.

Safety is essential on a boat

When many workers are going about their tasks simultaneously, it can be easy for one person’s actions to change the life of another’s in an instant. Ensure that you are doing your part to protect yourself and others from suffering a catastrophic injury or wrongful death while you work.




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