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What are common types of boating accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Admiralty And Maritime Law

Working on the water in Tennessee may turn dangerous at any moment. While a rouge wave or storm may prove detrimental, it is often negligence in one way or another that may cause you to suffer a serious injury.

For an accident to rise to negligence, it has to prove avoidable under reasonable circumstances. How does that keep you safe at work? Getting a broad overview of the most common boating accidents you may face may help you recognize a dangerous condition before anyone gets hurt.

Equipment mishaps

One of the highest rates of injury you may face will have to do with the equipment present on your boat. The risk is twofold. First, if not properly maintained, equipment malfunctions may lead to dangerous repair operations. Second, if not properly operated, you may find yourself struck by cranes or rigging motors.

Falls overboard

Any surface near water is slippery. The deck is the top spot when it comes to accidental falls. Depending on the materials you work with, the surface may become extra slick with oil. If the deck surface does not get the care and maintenance required, you may fall down or, worse, overboard. Falls on docks may also prove catastrophic.

Electrical malfunctions

The components of the boat need constant care to ensure everyone remains safe while working. A very real and present danger exists when any wiring becomes exposed to the elements. A spark or contact with water may become an electrical hazard, causing not only electrocution for anyone nearby but also a fire hazard.

If you realize that your boss is not properly maintaining your work environment, you may want to say something. The alternative is you, or someone you work with may fall victim to a preventable injury.


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