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What should you know about crush injuries?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Injuries

As someone working in a field related to construction, you face a higher level of risk for bodily injury than most other workers. Your profession is rife with dangers unique to the job. Among them is the possibility of a crush injury.

But just what are crush injuries? What should you know about them? How do they affect your body, and how can you treat them?

The impact of crush injuries

Medline Plus examines how crush injuries impact the body. First, the type of repercussions you deal with depend on several factors in the initial incident. Some relate to your body and can include your physical weight, muscle mass and overall health. Some relate to the crush incident. It may include things like the type of object that fell on you, how heavy it was, where on your body it fell and how long it stayed in place.

Some crush injuries can have immediate negative consequences. For example, a heavy and direct impact may cause fractured or broken bones. If you get pinned by the torso to a wall, you can suffer from loss of blood flow to the legs and also the impediment of certain organ functions.

Crush injuries to the feet are also very common. This type of injury has a high chance for future infection or even amputation due to the many bones located in the foot.

Reality of medical bills

If you suffer from a crush injury, you will likely end up in severe condition. The medical bills you face for immediate treatment and recovery may end up higher than you can afford, as well. This is why many workers in your shoes seek compensation for the injuries suffered.


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