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Developing a culture of safety on boats

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2021 | Admiralty And Maritime Law, Boating Accidents, Railroad Worker Injury

A career on boats in the Memphis area has unique dangers for workers. In addition to common workplace perils from the use of equipment, a person working on a boat has added concerns such as moving from place to place during rough waters and even falling overboard.

Companies and boat managers have a responsibility to promote safety in this specialized environment.

The need for a strong safety mindset

An article in Workboat makes the case that the greatest safety feature in any workplace relies on employees and managers taking responsibility for boat safety. Neither a polished image of safety consciousness nor a number of required safety checks helps avoid injuries unless all employees buy into the program. The same is true for the buying of PPE and other devices that help meet the legal requirements of OSHA or the USCG.

Even a company that spends significant sums of money on the latest equipment might not have a safe working culture. The mindset of safety first should permeate the entire boat, from the most basic workers to the highest manager.

The goal of reaching all workers

Top managers must fully stand behind their words when they make statements about boat safety. If safety announcements come off as insincere, workers will also lack commitment. Once workers do develop an awareness and appreciation of safety protocols, management still needs to nurture and monitor the attitudes toward safety.

With the proper mindset, workers will more likely follow through and meet the regulations required by agencies. This is likely to translate into a safer working environment as well as a better experience for the public.


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