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How can brain trauma change your life?

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2021 | Injuries

When you suffer from a head injury, trauma to the brain will likely accompany it. Brain trauma can vary in the intensity of its impact, but generally speaking, moderate to severe trauma has the potential to change your life in big ways.

Where should you anticipate seeing these changes, then?

Areas of life a TBI can impact

Healthline examines various types of head injury, each of which may have a different impact on an individual. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) often have the biggest impact, with moderate and severe TBIs impacting almost every aspect of a person’s life. A bad TBI can affect your:

  • Physical health
  • Mental clarity and memory
  • Relationships with others
  • Social skills
  • Job skills

Job opportunities may also narrow down much further than before, and some people actually cannot continue working after suffering from head trauma. This can result in you lacking financial independence and growing reliant on a loved one’s income and support instead.

Medical bills in your future

Of course, you also have to deal with the potential of bills from medical treatments. The initial stay in a hospital is not the only expense for victims of TBIs. You will also have to contend with therapy, medication, and even the possibility of surgeries in the future. This creates a huge imbalance between expenditures and income, forcing you to rely on others even more.

And then, you have an impact on your health. Many TBI victims struggle with physical and mental wellness in the aftermath of an incident. You will often find it harder to maintain physical exercise and stay in shape. At the same time, dealing with so much trauma can easily trigger depression, anxiety or even stress trauma disorders. Together, this can alter your life in notable and even permanent ways.


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