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What kind of compensation can a railroad worker receive?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2022 | Railroad Worker Injury

Working at a railroad means laboring in a dangerous environment, so you understand the risks inherent in your job. Still, your employer has the duty to take safety precautions on the worksite so you do not unnecessarily suffer an injury. In the event you do experience an accident due to the negligence of your employer, you may wonder if compensation is available to you.

Fortunately, injured railroad workers have recourse under the Federal Employers Liability Act. Under FELA, a worker can file a claim against the railroad or another party like an equipment manufacturer. FindLaw describes possible forms of compensation you might receive after an accident.

Lost wages

Because of your injury, you cannot work. It is possible you might not be able to return to your current job again if the accident has inflicted disabilities on you. Railroad workers have the option under FELA to pursue wages they have lost as well as future wages that they will not receive due to their condition.

Medical treatment

Getting hurt on the job could result in expensive medical bills. However, you should not have to worry about a drain on your wallet due to your hospital stays and doctor visits. FELA can cover treatment you have undergone due to your injuries as well as your future care procedures.

Suffering and mental issues

A serious injury can leave you in persistent pain. Even your treatment may not fully relieve you of the agony of your condition. Under FELA, you could end up with compensation for the pain and suffering you feel. Additionally, your injury might have produced mental problems like PTSD which are also eligible for FELA assistance.

A successful FELA claim may relieve much of your worry concerning your future as you heal from your injuries. Still, it is important to understand whether you have a case under FELA so you can gather evidence to support your claim.


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