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Protecting yourself when you work in a railyard

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Blog, Railroad Worker Injury

Working in a railyard exposes you to significant risks that could compromise your safety if you are not careful. Staying safe requires compliance on both your and your employer’s parts.

Knowing some strategies for staying safe at work can help you avoid danger. If at any point you notice something dangerous, immediately report your concerns to management.

Participate in safety briefings

Your employer should have frequent safety briefings. The purpose of these meetings is to highlight hazards, give instructional training and verify everyone knows their role. Your willingness to participate in these briefings can keep you informed of the circumstances you might deal with that day at work.

Use supportive mechanisms

Working at a railyard means you may need to climb railcars, load and unload freight, work around heavy machinery and be close to moving trains. Safety mechanisms include ladders, handholds and stairs. When available, utilize these supportive mechanisms to stabilize yourself and prevent injury.

Wear personal protective equipment

Performing your job effectively and safely requires you to have access to well-maintained tools and equipment. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the law requires your employer to provide proper tools and controls.

You should also always wear personal protective equipment. This may include a hard hat, gloves, eye and face protection, and steel-toe work boots. Bright, reflective clothing can make you more visible, which is crucial when working around moving equipment and trains.

A railyard accident could cause life-threatening injuries to you that could end your career and change your life. Your efforts to stay safe can make a difference in your ability to do your job safely and effectively.


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