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Risks and prevention for crushed hand injuries at work

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2023 | Blog, Injuries

Workplace accidents can lead to devastating crushed hand injuries. These accidents can result from heavy machinery, falling objects or improper handling of equipment.

Understanding the risks associated with crushed hand injuries and adopting preventive measures is important for a safe working environment.

Hand injury risks across industries

Machines used in industries such as manufacturing, construction and agriculture can pose a risk of crushed hand injuries. Accidental contact with moving parts or failure to follow safety protocols while operating machinery can lead to consequences. Incorrect handling of tools and equipment can also result in crushed hand injuries. Failing to use proper grips or ignoring safety guidelines cause accidents that cause severe harm.

Objects stored overheard present a risk. Falling items can easily crush hands if not properly secured. This is common in construction sites or warehouses where there is a lot of lifting of heavy materials or objects.

Preventive measures against injuries

Proper training is important for all employees who work in environments with potential crushed hand injury risks. Training should cover equipment operation, safety protocols and the correct use of personal protective equipment. Wearing the appropriate gloves for the task you are doing will reduce your risk of crushed hand injuries. 70% of hand injuries at work occur because of a lack of hand protection. Your employer has a responsibility to provide access to the appropriate safety gear for your work environment.

Hand injuries can impact your ability to work and could lead to lifelong challenges of pain or disability. You may receive compensation for injuries that happen at work, but you should also ensure your employer is carefully monitoring and creating a safe working environment.


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