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Tomorrow is high-risk day for traffic accidents

by | Nov 26, 2013 | Car Accidents

The excitement over the holidays has definitely settled in among Tennessee residents. Thanksgiving is just days away. Thoughts of turkey, stuffing, pie and time off from work are dancing in people’s minds. Hopefully, those thoughts won’t take over when people are supposed to be focusing on the roads.

Traffic safety is of great concern during the holidays. A recent insurance report specifically warns that tomorrow, the day before Thanksgiving, is a notorious day during which car accidents take place. Most have heard of “Black Friday.” Have you heard of “Black Wednesday?”

An insurance company reports that the rate of car accidents increases on the day before Thanksgiving. People travel to see family and friends for the festivities. Also, people are filling up parking lots due to last-minute grocery and party needs. Crowds can increase the risk of a crash, and so does being in a rush.

Circumstances combine to make for what some have dubbed Black Wednesday — a dark day in regards to driver safety. Danger looms over the holiday season in general, with more people on the roads but also because of party behavior. Research indicates that the amount of accidents increases by about 17 percent on Wednesday night alone.

Something as simple as a rear-end collision in a Wal-Mart parking lot can lead to, for example, a neck or back injury that will more than ruin the holiday. History shows that holiday traffic accidents can be much worse, often due to drunk driving in Tennessee and across the nation. No matter how a person is hurt, if negligence was behind a crash, the accident victim has legal rights that they could discuss with an auto accident lawyer.

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