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Strict Tennessee law enforcement reduces traffic dangers by 2013

by | Jan 11, 2014 | Car Accidents

A new year has begun. For some, that means they are exercising more and eating better. For Tennessee law enforcement and traffic safety advocates, it means continued work to prevent motor vehicle accidents in the state.

The motivation to foster safe Tennessee roads has been boosted by relatively good news about last year’s overall traffic safety. Compared to 2012, there was almost a 3 percent decrease in traffic fatalities in 2013.

Of course, one dead because of a car crash is terrible news, but regulators must look at the recent improvement in safety on the roads in order to try to pinpoint what safety efforts might be working. Based on arrest and traffic citation information, it sounds as though stricter law enforcement efforts are at least partially to thank for fewer lives lost in Tennessee accidents.

The most clear example of how law enforcement likely contributed to safer roads is in regards to impaired driving in Tennessee. Between 2010 and 2013, police increased DUI arrest numbers by more than 90 percent. Last year’s DUI accident numbers reflect a 26 percent decrease in alcohol-related crash fatalities.

Keeping the traffic safety matter in perspective, impaired driving still is a danger in the state. Though fewer people died in alcohol-related crashes last year, the 211 people who did die are evidence that driver negligence remains in Tennessee.

Someone who is injured or who has lost someone to an impaired driver should discuss the incident with an auto accident lawyer who can help fight for justice.

Source: WGNS radio, “Slight Decrease of 2.7% in Tennessee Traffic Fatalities for 2013,” Jan. 6, 2014


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