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Tennessee three-car crash kills 2

by | Nov 4, 2014 | Car Accidents

A multi-vehicle accident left two people dead on Oct. 25. The crash occurred early in the morning on Interstate 240 in Memphis near Getwell Road when one car struck another car that was slowing down.

One of the cars involved in the accident reportedly experienced a flat tire just before the collision and began moving into an emergency lane on the highway. Investigators said that as the male driver slowed down, a car that was traveling behind him struck his car at a high speed. The first car collided with a roadside guard rail and spun out of control as a result of the collision, and its driver was thrown from the vehicle’s interior. Police said that the woman driving the second car continued moving away from the scene of the crash. As she drove on, she reportedly struck another car. The third car ran into a ditch while the second car overturned several times, coming to rest on its roof.

The man in the first car and the woman in the second car were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Other people involved in the accident were transported to a regional hospital for treatment. The number of injured victims was unspecified in reports.

Some car accidents result in the death of the people responsible for the collisions. In these cases, families of deceased victims are often still eligible to file wrongful death suits. Surviving spouses or immediate family members of the victims may seek compensation from the deceased driver’s estate for economic damages such as burial expenses and lost income or non-economic costs. Personal injury attorneys may be able to assist families in preparing to file suit after a fatal accident.

Source: WREG, “Two dead after crash on I-240“, Ashley Forest, October 25, 2014


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