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Personal injury suffered by 3 in car accident near I-65

by | Aug 26, 2015 | Car Accidents

Two vehicles driven by Tennessee citizens collided on Hwy 76 near the I-65 Interchange in White House on Aug. 22 at about 9 p.m. Three people suffered personal injury in the violent two-vehicle crash that totaled both a one-ton pickup truck and an SUV. It appears that the SUV had slowed on the highway in order to turn onto the ramp entrance to I-65.

Based on sketchy news reports, what happened next is uncertain. The pickup truck either rammed into the rear of the SUV or may have hit it head-on. Police investigative reports will answer that question when they are released to the public. One thing that is clear is that both vehicles were a tangled web of crushed metal, indistinguishable from their original form.

Witnesses report that the truck went up and over the top of the SUV and then rolled over. A passenger in the pickup was reportedly already wheelchair-bound due to injuries suffered in an accident some weeks ago. He was able to crawl out of the overturned truck but did require medical treatment.

The driver of the truck apparently went into shock after crawling out of the vehicle. She was placed on a stretcher and taken to Skyline Medical Center. The driver of the SUV was also injured and hospitalized. The extent of the injuries of the three injured persons was not available.

Tennessee authorities will evaluate the forensics at the scene and issue their opinion. Whichever driver is determined to be at fault, the passenger with the pre-existing personal injury is likely assured of collecting damages for any injuries suffered in this accident. The tortfeasor is required to compensate any passengers injured in the car crash. Because a negligent driver must take the victim in the condition he is in at the time of the accident, the driver will have to compensate the passenger for any aggravation of the pre-existing injury as well as any new injuries suffered.

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