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Chain reaction car crash on I-75 results in at least 5 injuries

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Car Accidents

Massive chain reaction accidents are not unheard of in Tennessee and nationwide. In some cases, an initial rear-end collision can bring about a long chain of additional crashes. Furthermore, when a car crash occurs on a highway, motorists do not always use the kind of due care that is required. They may miss the occurrence and plow directly into it before they have perceived what has happened.

Additionally, some motorists may not be paying enough attention to stop in time for a delayed line of traffic that is backed up due to an accident up ahead. In that way, a series of independent accidents can occur, all stemming from the initial crash. In Tennessee recently, the highway patrol had to shut down lanes of travel on I-75 due to 10 to 15 crashes occurring on a four mile stretch of the highway, all around the same time or within a close time range of each other.

A Highway Patrol spokesperson said that officers had discovered the occurrence of an initial crash, although they are still investigating how that incident occurred. They are trying to piece together how all of the other collisions took place. There were at least five persons injured during the traffic mishap.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol spokesman stated that officers believed that motorists were not looking at the road ahead. The weather may have also played a factor, although video reports do not show post-accident precipitation at the scene. The injured persons each may be able to assert a claim for compensation against each motorist who contributed to causing his or her injuries. If an injured party was a driver in a car crash and not a passenger, his or her negligence may preclude a recovery if he or she was more than 50 percent at fault.  

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