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Fatal car crash kills 1 and injures 2 on Tennessee 13

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Car Accidents

Tennessee has a lot of two-lane highways, with one lane in each direction. One fairly sure way to cause a car crash is to pass a car on a two-lane highway without being sure that there is no oncoming traffic approaching in the other lane. Just prior to pulling out into the “passing” lane, the driver must make sure that there is no possibility of approaching traffic.

That means that if a hill is coming up or if the road is filled with sharp turns, it will be impossible to see sufficiently ahead to guarantee that one can return to the original lane in time to avoid a collision. Additionally, signs will usually be posted on two-lane highways to make it clear where a pass may be attempted and where it is to unsafe to try it. The problem with these sensible rules is that some drivers are in too big of a hurry to follow them.

That may be the case in a recent fatal crash that occurred on Tennessee 13, just south of Collinwood, in Wayne County. A man was driving his car south on that road when he reportedly tried to pass another vehicle. According to witnesses and the highway patrol, the man pulled into the northbound lane to pass a vehicle and crashed into a vehicle that was heading north. The driver of the passing vehicle was killed in the crash.

The driver and passenger of the northerly bound car, a man and a woman, were injured and flown to Huntsville Hospital. The 65-year-old man was reported in serious condition after surgery. It is probable that the two injured victims can file a claim for personal injury damages against the decedent’s estate. The decedent’s driving was, in all likelihood, careless under the circumstances, as he was in the wrong lane at the wrong time when the car crash occurred. In order to further the claim in the most effective manner possible, it is in the best interests of the injured victims to retain an experienced personal injury attorney to assist with their case. 

Source: timesdaily.com, “Iron City, Tennessee, man killed in Tuesday crash; husband, wife injured“, Tom Smith, Dec. 10, 2015


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