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Driver, 2 passengers dead in crossover car crash on I-65

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Car Accidents

Crossover accidents are often the most gruesome to investigate, both in Tennessee and nationwide. When motor vehicles cross over the median and go into oncoming traffic on a busy interstate, horrific crashes are often the outcome. That can be said for the Feb. 23 early morning car crash on Interstate 65 in Sumner County. A car crossed the median and crashed into an oncoming car head-on.     

After striking the first vehicle, the crossover car was struck and ripped in half by a tractor-trailer. That impact ejected the driver of the car, who came to rest on the middle of the highway in the fast lane of traffic. The driver of the crossover car and her two passengers were killed in the crash, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol. The car was transformed into mangled webs of steel lying on the highway.

A spokesman for the Highway Patrol said that the reason for the car to go over the median was unknown. There are several reasons why this can happen, including distracted driving, impairment, falling asleep and mechanical failure. The THP lieutenant said that it was one of the worst crashes he has seen in 20 years of service.

In fact, he admitted that the crash was so severe that even seat belts would not have helped the victims. The chief of police of Millersville, a neighboring town, stated that the stretch of highway where it occurred is a speed zone and that his officers catch people going 90 mph regularly. He stated that he will ask the Tennessee Department of Transportation to add additional signs along that stretch and to install a radar sign telling travelers how fast they are going.

Laws in Tennessee and all other states will attribute negligence to the driver of the crossover car in this car crash. Without evidence to the contrary, the very actions of the vehicle are proof that it was operated negligently. With respect to tort damages, the estates of the deceased passengers may pursue wrongful death actions for damages against the estate of the driver.                                                                 

Source: newschannel5.com, “Identities Released Of 3 Killed In I-65 Crash”, Feb. 23, 2016


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